Important Connections Between Dinosaurs And Humans

Important Connections Between Dinosaurs And Humans

The more we learn about how animals have evolved over millions of years, the more we learn about ourselves. The latest example comes from Germany where scientists have studied prosauropods. They’re dinosaurs that were quite different than other dinosaurs of the time. Looking at fossils, they found that different prosauropods may have been warm-blooded. Most dinosaurs were cold-blooded and their growth was determined by their environmental conditions. Like today’s alligators and turtles, these dinosaurs literally adjusted their growth to the environment they lived in, and the change of seasons. The warm-blooded prosauropods actually grew to certain heights independent of the environmental conditions. Their height was determined by the height of their parents. Now what does this say about us? It says how we as a species have evolved, and that essentially our height is determined by the height of our parents, not the environmental conditions. But these things were happening as early as the dinosaurs.

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