Acetaminophen for Treating Pain?

Acetaminophen for Treating Pain?

So how good is acetaminophen at treating pain? Tylenol, Tempra, the other brands…are they good? Yes, they are good. They’re good for osteoarthritis. They actually work in a way to control temperature, clearly, but they also will help with inflammation. Now, in the long term, some of the other medications like the nonsteroidal and the cox inhibitors are medications that actually can work more effectively for severe problems. But initially, if you don’t use it too much, that acetaminophen can be very helpful in dealing with pain.

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  1. acetaminophen can be very effective.For the occasional headache,toothache,minor aches and pains(You get the idea,right!!)However for chronic ,long term pain,it can and Will destroy your liver. I have pain daily from fybro to Ra to back problems. I was VERY over prescribed vicoden for my back issues~ to the point the pharmacist told me I was being prescribed too much and the acetaminophen would end up destroying my liver~permanently. so I found another doc who prescribed me a low mg. pain med containing no acetaminophen. It was like magic! no more hartburn or sever stomach aches. of course you need to use extreme caution with any narcotic. plus these alone do not fix the problem. usually your doctor knows what other meds will help make life bearable!! hope I helped someone! I have been suffering for years and its a terrible way to live. keep searching til you find a doc. willing to listen and help.took me a long time,finally got one! luv and peace to u all!!

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