Short-Term Memory

Short-Term Memory

In medicine, there are many parts of the body that we understand quite well. Yet, there are others that remain a mystery. On top of that mysterious list is the brain. But little by little, we’re gaining a greater understanding about how it works. Researchers from the University of Oregon have released their findings of a fascinating study. Our short-term memory has a very limited capacity. Researchers have proven something about memory that makes sense. The fewer irrelevant items you keep in mind, the more capacity you have for remembering important things. College students were showed a screen with colored dots. Scientists compared their ability to remember what they saw in the presence or the absence of the distracter dots. Scientists discovered that people who had the irrelevant distracter objects in mind were less efficient at remembering objects than those who were more selective. It makes sense, the big question is, how do you rid yourself of distractions.

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