Food Allergies Are More Common

Food Allergies Are More Common

Food allergies seem to be more common; there’s all sorts of theories out there. One of the most popular theories is the fact that we are such a clean society that we are actually not spreading infections and we are not fighting infections. As a result, our body has to attack something, so it attacks normal things. We’re not sure if that theory has any truth, but what we do know is that medical professionals are seeing more people with allergies. The big thing we have to do right now is try to understand how the allergic reactions work. Then, we can look at how to stop them.

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  1. My son has food allergies to nuts, eggs, and dairy. By choice we cut out gluten and soy. I have also read that gluten can make an allergy to dairy worse- which helped with our decision to cut it out of our diets. He has only been checked once and will be checked again at age two to see if any allergies have gone away. I believe that our clean eating lifestyle will actually help in getting rid of his allergies! He will have fewer “incidents” or run-ins with said foods and his body will stop trying to fight off the “attackers”, giving it time to try and recover from the allergy. This is just my non professional way of understanding by what was told to us by our allergist!

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