Dealing with Stress Headaches

stress headache

There are several kinds of headaches.  While many people say they suffer from migraines, the most common headache is called a stress headache.  Causes include stress, skipping meals, irregular sleep habits, or certain foods.  One of the first things many people do after suffering a headache is reach for a pain reliever in the medicine cabinet, but that’s not always the best idea.  In fact, there are other simple things you can do.  Lie down in a dark, quiet room and try to sleep.  Also, try to figure out what led to the headache.  In addition, you should try to avoid things that are problematic and bother you.  One idea is a headache log where you can record when the headache first appears, the time each one happens, and where the pain is felt.  You get the idea.  Its common sense and it’s trying to figure out the best way to approach a problem that can be chronic.


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Kids Can Be Affected by the Economy


Kids can be affected by the economy especially if parents talk about it.  With things going bad financially, parents need to be honest with their children, but not overstress them.  The kids do not need to know if there are major issues and problems.  They need to be able to realistically look at things and evaluate what’s going on.  It’s important when it comes to the economy that you don’t overdo it; that you don’t try to get into a situation where you stress those children out.  It’s very important that they have a chance to be children and to really live as kids.

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Tips for Avoiding Heartburn Pain


Heartburn pain is difficult to deal with but there are several things that can really help you if you know about them. First of all, when you’re talking about heartburn, there are four things that can really increase your chances of having difficulty…aspirin, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. They all actually get together and can be difficult and lead to the pain. The second thing is, if you raise the head off the bed by adding an extra pillow, increasing gravity will help.  You can do a great deal to try and offset the heartburn.

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Helping Kids with Teen Angst

Young Girl Comforting Crying

It is called teen angst and there is no doubt that teenagers have a lot more stress, or at least what they perceive as stress.  But if you look at the reality, it is a tough time to be a teenager.  There are many issues that teenagers face that really have to be dealt with psychologically.  Communication with parents can be key.  It’s difficult as a parent, but if you can try to communicate with your teenager, you’re going to help them through many of these times.  Teens are searching for your guidance.

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Addressing Depression in Women

Business woman

Depression is a problem that affects men and women, but one of the issues with depression in women is that many women don’t necessarily get the treatment they should.  They talk about it, but they may not talk about it to the level or the degree that it demands.  If you’re a woman and you feel depressed, take time to express your feelings.  Don’t be intimidated.  Understand that health is physical health as well as mental health and you can’t just ignore problems when they occur.  If you feel you’re suffering from depression, you should do everything you can to try to get that attention.

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Study of Exercise and Extending Life

Floor Stretches

When it comes to exercise, any form of exercise is good for you, and according to a report from the National Institute on Aging, any kind of exercise will help extend your life. The officials at the Institute are not just relying on common sense, they’re basing their views on a study, a six year study of 302 people between 70 and 82. What they did was measure energy expenditure in a unique way. When people exercise, they produce carbon dioxide which can be excreted in the urine. In the study, the researchers had volunteers drink water containing two harmless isotopes, oxygen 18 and hydrogen 2. Oxygen 18 is eliminated from the body in water while hydrogen 2 is eliminated not only in water, but also in carbon dioxide. This is how they were able to measure carbon dioxide. After six years of research, they found death rates went down as daily energy expenditure went up.

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Study Looks at Brain Activity and Multitasking

Study Looks at Brain Activity and Multitasking.


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